The mission of Tobacco Free Lincoln County is to improve public health through tobacco awareness and prevention in Lincoln County.


About Community Connections

We build connections between community agencies, businesses, neighborhoods, schools, families and individuals to coordinate activities, services, and programs that enhance the quality of life in Lincoln County. We create change and inspire others to work together toward a better tomorrow.


Tobacco Free Lincoln County


About our program

Tobacco Free Lincoln County (TFLC) is funded by Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Tobacco Free Nebraska Program, as a result of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. TFLC partners with people and organizations to reduce access of tobacco to youth, and to reduce involuntary secondhand smoke exposure.

life is better with smoke-frEE HOMES, VEHICLES, Play areas and workplaces!

Secondhand smoke can lead to  ear infections, bronchitis, learning difficulties, asthma, cancer, sudden infant death syndrome and more sick days. If a pregnant woman smokes or is around secondhand smoke, it can lead to premature birth. About 53,000 people in the United States die each year from secondhand smoke exposure. Pets do better with smoke-free air, too!

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Resources & Initiatives

Tobacco-Free Parks

  • Outdoor recreation is healthier and more pleasant when residents avoid smoking, vaping or using chewing tobacco in the parks and trails.

  • Thank you for being considerate of others and showing a good example for our youth!

  • Thanks to everyone who helps to keep our parks and trails tobacco-free!

smoke-free vehicles

If someone smokes in your car or truck, even with the windows open, smoke can find its way into the interior and harm anyone inside. It settles into seats, the headliner and dash board and is there, entering the air again, for a very long time. The best choice is to have a smoke-free vehicle all the time. Click the link below to get your free smoke-free home and vehicle window clings.

smoke-free Housing

If you live in an apartment building where people smoke, ask your landlord for smoke-free policies for your building. Learn about landlords in our area that have already made the switch, by clicking on "Breathe Easier!" on the right. Remember, if your neighbor smokes, so do you. For more information about smoke-free apartments, go to Americans for Non-Smokers' Rights.


Coalition Members

  • George Haws (interim coordinator)

  • Lora Bevington (volunteer)

  • Sandee Kroon (volunteer)

  • Catiana Urrutia (Community Connections)

  • Russ Poe (North Platte Police Department)

  • Sally Brecks (West Central District Health Department)

  • Shannon Sell (Region 2 Human Services)

  • Ashley Lewis (The Connection Homeless Shelter)

  • Nan Hynes (Callahan Cancer Center)

  • Shane Belgum (Nebraska State Patrol)

  • David Banning (volunteer)