Substance Abuse Prevention

The Community Connections Substance Abuse Prevention System is committed to further improving quality of life for children and families in Lincoln County by reducing the rates of substance abuse in our communities, including illicit drugs, prescription drugs, underage drinking, and more.


About Community Connections

We build connections between community agencies, businesses, neighborhoods, schools, families and individuals to coordinate activities, services, and programs that enhance the quality of life in Lincoln County. We create change and inspire others to work together toward a better tomorrow.


Abuse Prevention


About our Program

As the name indicates, the main purpose of the Substance Abuse Prevention System (SAPS) is prevention! Our coalition focuses on combating marijuana use, prescription drug abuse, underage drinking, binge drinking, and drinking and driving. Our 25-member team meets frequently to assess issues within the community, plan programs that address the issues, implement those programs, and then evaluate the progress.

Get involved

Our community is rallying for prevention. From drug collections, to our campaigns, fundraising events and more — it's a blessing to see people from all walks of life step forward to do their part in preventing substance abuse. Keep an eye on our calendar for your next opportunity to get involved.






Coalition Members

  • Ashley Vak

  • Will Cleveland

  • Rich Hoaglund

  • Jerome Kramer

  • Nickie Kroon

  • Sandee Kroon

  • Brian Flanders

  • Lora Bevington

  • Angela Franz

  • Brandi Lemons

  • Janelle Higgins

  • Janelle Sellers

  • Dan Hudson


  • Linda Logsdon

  • Michelle McFarland

  • Dan Newton

  • Dan O'Neill

  • Judy O'Neill

  • Kim Riley

  • Jennifer Schlager

  • Kathy Seacrest

  • Shannon Sell

  • Jeff Steinbeck

  • Greg Vandenberg

  • Amy Wolfskill

  • Shane Belgum

Program Partners

  • North Platte Police Department

  • Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

  • Nebraska State Patrol

  • Great Plains Regional Medical Center

  • West Central District Health Department

  • Region II Human Services

  • Keep North Platte and Lincoln County Beautiful

  • Lincoln County Attorney's Office

  • Nebraskaland National Bank


  • North Platte Public Schools

  • North Platte Catholic Schools

  • Sutherland Public Schools

  • Kwik Stop

  • Mid-Plains Community College

  • KNOP Television

  • North Platte Telegraph

  • Platte River Mall

  • United Way

  • Department of Health and Human Services

  • VA Clinic