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Community Connections



Our Story

Diverse strategies,
one big goal

Since 1988, Community Connections has worked to create positive change: Change that has a direct and lasting impact in our community, change that inspires others to work towards a better tomorrow for youth and families, change that develops leaders who care, and change that creates positive role models.


Connect people
to enhance lives

Connecting agencies, businesses, neighborhoods, schools, families and individuals to coordinate activities, services, and programs that enhance the quality of life in Lincoln County.

our news

The latest information on our projects and progams

youth advocaCy training camp

About 40 youth attended the Community Connections Youth Advocacy Leadership Camp, held May 31 through June 2, at Camp Maranatha. The youth learned about harmful substances and ways they can speak out. they conducted a "Zombie Rally" at the intersection of Philip and Jeffers, to draw attention to the problem of prescription drug abuse and the drug collection that takes place at Platte River Mall on the third Saturday of each month, from 11:00 to 1:00.

The youth also carried out a "Sticker Shock" activity: they went in groups of 5 or 6, and placed stickers on cases of alcoholic beverages in convenience stores. The stickers encourage people to help prevent underage drinking and tell of problems alcohol causes with the developing brain.

Youth will continue to have opportunities to spread substance abuse prevention messages, by doing such things as recording radio public service announcements and doing "Samantha Skunk" skits for young children. Samantha Skunk teaches children to avoid taking medicine that is not prescribed to them, and not given to them by a trusted adult.

other community Connections Programs


Tobacco Free Lincoln County

Our mission is to protect and improve the health of the public by increasing community support and participation in local tobacco control in our schools and in our community. Learn more

Substance Abuse Prevention

The main purpose of the Substance Abuse Prevention System is prevention! Partnering for positive change is what drives our coalition, and each day our team works to make Lincoln County a better place to live and to raise a family. Learn more

Lincoln County Youth Leaders

 The Lincoln County Youth Leaders are a dynamic group of middle school and upcoming high school students who come together to provide North Platte and Lincoln County a way of taking action and being part of the solution to problems related to substance abuse. Learn more

Mentoring Programs

Everyone hopes for a chance to do something that truly impacts the world. That's what mentoring is all about — changing kids' lives by providing guidance, support and positive relationships. Learn more

Asset Teams

Support, empowerment, and positive values help youth overcome the pressures of high-risk activities. Using developmental assets, today's youth learn to give back to their community. Learn more