Opioid Abuse Prevention

The Community Connections Opioid Abuse Prevention program, part of our Substance Abuse Prevention System’s efforts, works to reduce the incidence of abuse of prescription and illicit opioid drugs in Lincoln County through ongoing collaboration between practitioners, experts, and leaders across the continuum of care. The program works to mitigate the effects of opioid use, including both prescription opioids and illicit drugs through the provision of prevention services.

Effective and innovative approaches to prevent opioid abuse are bringing physicians, pharmacists and community members together to address this growing epidemic.

As this epidemic takes the national stage, we have the opportunity to play a pivotal role with the January 1, 2018 implementation of the expanded Nebraska Physician Drug Monitoring Program database. Lincoln County is an integral part of this effort by continuing a long-standing successful prescription drug disposal program and increasing public awareness of the dangers of opioid use.

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