Not My Kid

notMYkid Poster.jpg

Community Connections completed a prevention assessment based on the 2016 Lincoln County Nebraska Risk and Protective Factor Student Survey. This is what we learned.

  • Alcohol use is higher in Lincoln County than the national level.
  • 41% of 12th graders in Lincoln County have used marijuana in their lifetime.
  • Prescription drug use remains a problem. 12% of teens across the nation report abusing pills.
  • Parents and professionals are asking for more resources to help families address the local substance abuse problem.

What is the Not My Kid campaign?

  • A campaign developed to help equip parents with the skills and resources to address early use of substances.
  • A campaign designed to assist families with youth that are not involved in the legal system or receiving services from other agencies.
  • A campaign identified to serve a population in Lincoln County that is not already receiving services.
  • A campaign to reduce substance use by youth.
  • A campaign designed for first time users with the intent to provide education and resources to reduce the number of youth who may enter the legal system.
  • A campaign providing a resource book and a free drug testing kit.
  • A campaign providing other materials available at a local pharmacy, schools and convenient locations.

For more information contact Community Connections: or 308-696-3358