What about JUUL?

Juul is a type of electronic nicotine delivery device (e-cigarette). It contains high levels of nicotine. It comes in several different flavors, making it attractive to young people.

It looks like a computer flash drive and is easy to hide. Although schools have rules against it, students may take Juul into the school and sometimes even use it in class without the teacher’s knowledge.

A lot of teens, even locally, are using Juul, and running the risk of addiction to nicotine. Nicotine addiction can be very difficult to overcome. Nicotine adversely affects developing brains and can impair thinking skills. Juul also contains benzoic acid, which can damage lungs and cause other side effects, along with other harmful chemicals.The effect on

Find more information about Juul by going to cdc.gov/e-cigarettes.

Also go to thetruth.com for information geared toward teens, on Juul, other electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products.

For help quitting e-cigarettes, text “DitchJuul” to 887-09.