Sandridge Apartments adopt Smoke-Free Policies

The Tobacco Free Lincoln County Coalition would like to extend a BIG CONGRATULATIONS!! to Sandridge Apartment complex in North Platte and to the Manager, Tammy Hall. The complex now has 11 of 12 buildings Smoke Free inside the buildings and the apartments. This is great news!

Sandridge Apartment complex has been working for sometime to achieve this status. In the past, when a smoking tenant left the complex, the apartment was renovated. There is a great deal of expense involved with this renovation. Now, with this new policy, 11 buildings are Smoke Free. Now the tenants will not be affected by second hand smoke, which is a danger to individuals with allergies/respiratory problems. Smoke free apartments make it safer for all.

Kudos to Sandridge and M Timm Development, Inc., for caring about the health of their tenants and kudos to the tenants for complying with this “Smoke Free” policy.

On behalf of the Tobacco Free Lincoln County Coalition
Sandee Kroon, member