Smoke-free cars are the best!!!!

Having a smoke-free vehicle is something to be PROUD of! That’s because smoke is hard on people and cars.

If you or someone else smokes in your car, it right away reduces the value of your car. It’s really hard to get rid of the smell and it keeps oozing out of the seats, doors, dash and headliners for months afterwards.

That’s why smoke-free cars are better!

Rolling down the window when you smoke might help, but you’re probably going to still get a lot of smoke in your car - smoke that will reduce the value of your car and also is a health hazard. Smoke can cause bronchitis, headaches, ear infections in children, more frequent and worse asthma attacks, and other problems. Non-smokers can even get cancer from breathing secondhand smoke over a period of time. Smoke hurts dogs and cats and other animals, too.