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New Smoke-free Duplexes in Lincoln County

Craig Sterling

North Platte has four, brand new, smoke-free apartments on the north side of town – and they are beautiful and spacious. The two duplexes, Sheridan Estates, are at 18th Street and Sheridan Avenue.

Congratulations and thank you, to Nancy Strieble, and Lincoln County Community Development Corporation for offering these and other high quality, affordable homes in our area.

Thank you, especially, for designating the apartments smoke-free, right from the start.

Smoke can move from one apartment to others throughout the entire building. Smoke-free policies are important in keeping homes clean and healthy, preventing costly damage to the buildings, and reducing the risk of fire.

Secondhand smoke is especially harmful to children and can damage their developing lungs. It causes ear infections, bronchitis, headaches, pneumonia and other breathing problem. It can make it harder to concentrate and do well in school. Secondhand smoke can even cause premature birth, sudden infant death syndrome and cancer.  Dogs, cats and other pets also suffer. There is no safe level of secondhand smoke.

Thank you again, Lincoln County Community Development Corporation, and all the other apartment owners and managers in Lincoln County, who have smoke-free policies for their buildings.