Support tobacco-free parks and trails.

Think about local parks and trails with NO tobacco. In Lincoln County, we are getting there. Several areas are officially smoke-free, so tobacco-free throughout the parks and trails system — that's a logical next step, that we can all live with!

Tobacco littler is harmful to children and animals, and is unsightly.

Tobacco-free means no tobacco litter, no smoke in the air, no aerosol from electronic cigarettes, and no exposure of your children to tobacco, which is the biggest preventable cause of early death. 

Tobacco-free outdoor recreational areas — we can all live with that!

You can volunteer to be on a committee to promote the expansion of tobacco-free park systems in Lincoln County. Currently the following areas in North Platte are officially smoke-free: Cody Swimming Pool area, the baseball, softball and soccer fields, Memorial Park splash pad area, carnival ride area and pet exercise areas. There are no policies in place regarding tobacco use in other areas of the park or trail system. For more information, or to volunteer, call (308) 696-3356 or email