The facts about today's marijuana

By 10th grade, 7 out of 10 Lincoln County students have not tried marijuana.  Let's keep it that way!  

The active ingredient (THC) in today's marijuana is much higher than it was in the '60s and '70s. Then, the THC levels averaged about 2.3% whereas now it averages about 8% and can reach up to 30%.  This is because growers are manipulating and modifying the plant to make it stronger, much like what was done with tobacco.  Through a distillation process, marijuana can reach dangerous THC levels at more than 80%.  

Because marijuana use negatively effects motivation, memory and learning, teens who use marijuana risk a decline in their IQ.  If you care about the future of our teens, their academic performance and their safety, oppose medical marijuana, marijuana legalization and marijuana decriminalization.  States who have "medical marijuana" have teen marijuana usage rates over and above those of other states.  

Marijuana is detected in impaired drivers, fatally injured drivers and in motor vehicle crash victims more than any other illegal drug.