Big news in tobacco control

We got some big and exciting news in tobacco control this week!

First, California just became the second state to prohibit sales of tobacco products under age 21, then we learned that high courts upheld tobacco graphic warnings requirements in India, and prohibition on flavored tobacco in the European Union, and finally, the FDA announced that it will regulate e-cigarettes, all cigars and other tobacco products.

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North Platte stores refuse underage tobacco sale

NORTH PLATTE--Stores all over town were targeted in a tobacco sales compliance check last Thursday, and they all passed.

            Investigator Tim Dowhower, of North Platte Police Department, oversaw the morning-time operation. He said that when the underage cooperating youth tried to purchase tobacco, all the stores asked for, and checked the youth’s identification, then refused the sale. That is exactly what they were supposed to do. 

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The impact of mentoring

In life, we are provided few situations in which we are rewarded just by walking into a room. Mentoring is one of those situations. Experience has shown that adults can have a powerful, lifelong positive impact on a child just by being themselves and spending time with a young person.

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MentoringSage Merritt
The facts about today's marijuana

The active ingredient (THC) in today's marijuana is much higher than it was in the '60s and '70s. Then, the THC levels averaged about 2.3% whereas now it averages about 8% and can reach up to 30%.  This is because growers are manipulating and modifying the plant to make it stronger.

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