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Community Connections Mentoring has 82 youth enrolled in our program as of April of 2014.  Of this group, 45 kids are being served as part of our one-on-one mentoring program while another 16 are being served through our Life Skills program which provides valuable social skills education using a group mentoring model.  Throughout the year, we usually have about 21 kids waiting to be matched with a mentor.  Some have been waiting several months.  That's why we have set a goal this year to recruit 25 new mentors for our program.  If you have ever thought about being a mentor, or if you know someone who you think would make a good mentor, call 308.696.0976 for more information.

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Mentoring for Positive Change

Everyone hopes for a chance in life to do something that truly impacts the world. That's what mentoring is all about, changing children's lives by providing guidance, support and positive relationships.

The mission of the Community Connections Mentoring Program is to help children reach their potential through professionally supported, one-on-one relationships with adult mentors that have a positive measurable impact on youth. We hope you will consider taking the journey in creating positive change by becoming a mentor.


If You:

  • ~ Listen Actively
  • ~ Care About People
  • ~ Empathize with Youth
  • ~ See Opportunities
Then you are ready to make a difference!


In life, we are provided few situations in which we are rewarded just by walking into a room. Mentoring is one of those situations. Experience has shown time and time again that adults can have a powerful, lifelong positive impact on a child just by being themselves and spending one-on-one time with a young person. We hear stories all the time about the affect mentoring has had on the children involved in our program. Here are just a couple of examples:

"Mentoring has been a true blessing"

We received a report from one of the school counselors who referred a fourth grader to our mentoring program.  The boy was abandoned by his mother and has had little contact with his father, so he is being raised by his grandmother.  The boy was referred to our program because of his negative attitude on life and his lack of social skills that resulted in him spending a lot of his free time alone at school.  The referring counselor reported that within two weeks of being matched with a mentor, this boy began to smile more and display a more positive outlook on a daily basis.  As the mentoring relationship has continued, she said the boy has become more outgoing, has a much calmer demeanor, has better self-esteem, and is better able to cope with his family situation. “Mentoring has been a true blessing for [this student] and his future,” the counselor said in her report.

Mentoring helps make the world a little less lonely.

During one of our mentor training events, one of the presenters who is a local elementary school counselor showed a video tape of an interview she conducted with a student who is a mentee in our program. She asked the student about his experience in the mentoring program and how it has benefitted his life. When asked if there was anything he would like to say to his mentor, the student replied, "I'm not lonely anymore."


Mentoring Advisory Council

  • ~ Virginia Huffman
  • ~ Lorre McKeone
  • ~ Jennifer Schlager
  • ~ Kay Wiess
  • ~ Ann Rouch
  • ~ Shannon Sell


  • ~ North Platte Public Schools
  • ~ Region II Human Services
  • ~ Madison Middle School
  • ~ Sutherland Public Schools
  • ~ Nebraska Crime Commission
  • ~ Mid-Plains United Way
  • ~ Linden Estates

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