Lincoln County Youth Leaders

Lincoln County Youth Leaders provides youth a voice and tools to achieve a substance abuse free Lincoln County. We develop youth leadership and empowering youths to take action in substance abuse prevention within our community through educational outreach projects.


About Community Connections

We build connections between community agencies, businesses, neighborhoods, schools, families and individuals to coordinate activities, services, and programs that enhance the quality of life in Lincoln County. We create change and inspire others to work together toward a better tomorrow.


Lincoln County Youth Leaders


About Our Program

The Youth Leaders program is designed to develop youth leadership and empower students to take action against substance abuse and to be part of the solution in Lincoln County. Students will be provided the knowledge and skills needed to go out into the community and create real change by the way of outreach projects. Each Youth Leaders team has weekly meetings where students expand their understanding and grasp of the current campaign the team is working on. Campaigns will have a mix of different messages depending on the substance and central message the campaign aims to send. However, all campaigns will have an underlying message of substance abuse prevention.

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